About support

Some people who offer support「Buy what you need at that time」and Many want to provide assistance in the form of grants, The interior of the heart thank you very much.

Information on current support

Be one and do somethings for Uyghur women!

“Crimes against humanity” in the camp has given rise to international criticism, and we at JACE ha...

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Emergency shelter for Rohingya refugees

There are some people in Myanmar’s Rakhine state who have not received food / clean water, shelter, educ...

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What Japan and the world can do for future children and started from food

Children Foundation Project 《For the children of the future, what can do Japan or the world》 Spreading organic...

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Stop Covid-19 and let's protect ourselves


To prevent and combat the spread of Covid-19, JACE has obtained agreement from Dr. Yasuhiro Tsukamoto of Kyoto...

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Information on other support

Donation destination/Bank Details (JAPAN)

Transfer destination financial institution
Mizuho Bank Utsunomiya Branch
Transferee name
Specified non-profit organization Japan-Asia Cultural Exchange Association
Nichia Bunka Koryukyokai
Transfer account number
Ordinary deposit) 4584789